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CFMMA is an non-governmental organization composed of units and organizations proving products and services for chemical (man-made) fiber industry as well as some enterprises with R&D, including enterprises of chemical (man-made) fiber equipment manufacturing, chemical (man-made) fiber spare parts, raw material supply, science and research institutes, engineering companies, chemical (man-made) fiber consulting and information service, professional press on chemical (man-made) fiber, textile institutes, etc. Some innovative chemical (man-made) fiber enterprises and new high tech fiber research institutes are also included. Overseas enterprises and organizations are welcome to enroll as observing member of CFMMA.

The role of CFMMA1Serve for chemical (man-made) fiber industry and CFMMA members. 2As medium for information exchange on chemical (man-made) fiber industrynot only including lateral communication inside the industry but also vertical communication with related industries, organize conference on related industry, issue industry report and chemical (man-made) fiber magazine3Form industry regulations and standardsstandardize business activities4As bridge between enterprise and government5International exchange and cooperation6coordinate and settle disputes, defending members interest.


Member’s rights:

1 Right to vote and right to be elected

2 Right to participate in all activities of the association.

3 Right to obtain or read documents of the association.

4 Right to speak at the meeting of the association and right to advertising on associations publicity.

5 Right to request association for conciliation on dispute and legal aid. 

6 Right to criticize and make proposal on associations work.

7 Right to quit from the association.

Members’ obligations:

1 Observe the rules and regulations of the association and carry on all resolutions

2 Actively participate in all activities held by the association.

3 Initiatively promote objectives and tasks of the association.

4 Initiatively collect and report comments of the masses.

5 Care about the work of the association and pay membership dues on time.

Overseas enterprises and organizations can apply as observing member of CFMMAhaving the right to join in all activities of the association and enjoying all other rights and obligations except the right to vote and right to be elected.

Annual membership fee for overseas members: USD 3000to be paid in the beginning of each calendar year.

The association is ready to receive donations from overseas members if they wish.


The secretariat is in ChinaFiber XinLun EB Co., Ltd.

Rm.208, Kai-Tai Mansion, Building No.5, Yard No.3, Yan-Jing-Li Middle-Str., Chao-Yang District, Beijing 100025 China.

Tel: 86 10 84042763, 84035346Fax: 86 10 64071678 ,  E-Mail: 


Our Account No. 0200003409069031467 

with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Chao Yang Branch in Beijing,

Address of Bank: No.1, Chao Wai Str., Beijing, China.

Beneficiary: ChinaFiber XinLun EB Co., Ltd.




Download membership application form

Download this paper in PDF


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