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Engineering development of man made fiber, synthetic filament.

Complete equipment, production line:

Complete equipment for man-made fibre: polyester, polyamides, polypropylene, spandex fiber. Bi-co yarn, VISCOSE & CARBON DISULFIDE CS2 COMPLEX, viscose staple fibre rayon filament yarn.

 1, Synthetic filament produce line

for polyester, polyamides, polypropylene,

products: POY, FDY, DTY, BCF etc.

Polyester filament, POY FDY and color embroider yarn, compact spinning lines

PP filament, FDY BCF, High-Tenacity PP Industrial Yarn 8 g/denier.

 2, Polyester staple fiber produce line

Polymerization, Spinning, Finish process  from chips and bottle flakes

Chips dryer

Polyester staple fiber, denier 1--3, Yarn capacity each line:

7500 Ton / Year, ( 22.5 ton / day )

15000 Ton / Year, ( 45 ton / day )

30000 Ton / Year, ( 90 ton / day )

50000 Ton / Year, ( 150 ton / day )

 3, Spandex filament melt way produce line

complete equipment, the spandex thread made by fused chips of spandex raw material,. process speed is 500 or 600 M/min, Yarn denier 15 -- 40, Yarn capacity 65 MT / Year, ( 20 d ), 130 MT / Year ( 40 d ) 

 4, Modification for old produce line

5. secondhand equipment

6, Spare parts

7, Bi-Co yarn complete equipment

Bi-Co Yarn PET, Nylon and PPS


viscose staple fibre rayon filament yarn complete equipment

9, polymerization  CP, SSP

Continuous Polymerization (CP) and Solid State. Polymerization (SSP)

10, Texture Machine, texturizing process

11, two for one, 2 for 1 twister.

12, Finish oil and master batch dye.

13, Non-woven

14, Carbon fiber

15, PET Belt strap Line

raw material: PET bottle flakes.or chips

products: PET Belt used for bale as packing material.

width (mm)       8 à 20.

thickness (mm)   0.5 à 2.0


16, Recycling Unit for waste PET Fiber strand, From waste PET strand to PET small ball

Strand cutting à cleaning compound washing à potcher à centrifugal dryer à granulating.

PET small ball can be Re-spinn by extruder.


17, Recycling Line of PET Bottle, From secondhand PET bottle to washed clean and dry PET flakes

18, The High potency centrifuge, waste sorting equipment for solid domestic waste

19, Melt spinning tester, pilot plant, spinning machine equipment and trial production line for laboratory and university college etc.


20, Yarn splitting machine, Split to mono filament from FDY POY yarn, 12 monofilament


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