Spinning tester equipment for laboratory and university college

Melt spinning machine trial production line.

Pilot plant for melt spinning


Our company is specialized in scientific research in the field of man made fibers and related equipment manufacturing professional company, there is15Years of production experience. Company's mechanical technicians with rich experience in chemical fiber machinery manufacturing, there are also engaged in research work for many years in the field of chemical fiber and related technology and technical personnel and engineering technical personnel, for many years, with China textile academy of sciences research and synthetical fiber development center has technical cooperation relations, so as to make the enterprise has the profound technical background. Company since its founding, has been committed to the development of chemical fiber equipment of scientific research, in chemical fiber test equipment pilot spinning machines development and manufacturing has accumulated a wealth of experience. My company aims to serve the scientific research, in the process of manufacture of spinning tester, and the use of test equipment of scientific research personnel to discuss, according to the characteristics of the different projects, and give full consideration to the scientific research personnel operating convenience, can make the manufacture of equipment maximum play a role.

We designed spinning machine can satisfy various spinning test of type thermoplastic material, the highest temperature can reach450C(Centigrade degree) Include: PEEK, PTFE, PPS, PA, PET, PTT, PP, PE Spandex etc. We also manufacture wet spinning pilot machine, dry spinning pilot machine. Used in viscose fiber, PVA, PAN(polyacrylonitrile fiber, acrylic fibre)Tester and carbon fiber etc. We can also according to customer's special requirements specially designed testing machine. We possess in the field of spinning pilot machine 25% is the market share, occupies in the field of high-end tester machine 70% in the market. My company production equipment of the fiber morphology: multifilament, monofilament, flat wire, a two-component composite fiber(Bi-Co yarn), BCF Puffing fiber and small non-woven machine etc.; Among them for composite conductive fiber production equipment in the fiber is very proficient.

My company's main customers include: China Donghua University, Beijing institute of chemical industry, the institute of fashion technology, sichuan university, the Hong Kong polytechnic, the United States Johnson & Johnson, Taiwan star, jilin petrochemical, China textile academy of sciences etc.

The development of scientific instruments and tester is an interactive process, Our company in Beijing, this also for the implementation of this project provides a more convenient conditions.




Developed in recent years, the main Projects and equipment are:

- South of sinopec research institute with high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber spinning pilot machine manufacturing;

KaiTai Special Fiber Co., Ltd., conductive fiber composite spinning pilot machine design and manufacturing;

China textile academy, spinning melt-blown non-woven machine manufacturing research institute;

China textile academy of sciences cellulose fibre spinning test machine manufacturing;

- PPS Trial spinning machine manufacturing;

Sinopec CF Spinning machine, drawing machine, washing machine, steam draw box manufacturing;

China textile academy of sciences state key laboratory of PET staple fiber production test facilities;

- The Hong Kong polytechnic university spandex melting method test spinning machine manufacturing;

Sichuan university melting spinning test machine manufacturing;

China textile academy of sciences research and development center rheometer designed and manufactured;

- Shanghai jiao tong university/Donghua university for biological fiber melt spinning machine;

Beijing institute of fashion technology solution spinning special winding head and drafting machine manufacturing;

Sichuan university of dry spinning test machine experiment;

Jiangsu HengLee chemical fiber group dynamic mixer manufacturing;

Ningbo materials engineering and technology research institute, Chinese academy of sciences multifunctional composite spinning experiment spinning machine;

- Shanghai university of science and technology of wet test spinning machine;

Chinatextile U-fiber Co. conductive fiber composite spinning machine;

Nanjing architectural institute of experimental wet spinning machine;

Zhejiang university of science and technology experiment wet spinning machine;

Dalian university of technology experiment wet spinning machine;

- Ningbo materials engineering and technology research institute, Chinese academy of sciences bicomponent melt-blown tester;

Ningbo materials engineering and technology research institute, Chinese academy of sciences laboratory wet spinning machine;

- Johnson &johnson (suzhou) medical equipment medical fibre spinning test equipment design and manufacturing

- China National Low Carbon Energy Research Institute, melting method test spinning machine;

Zhejiang Zhongcheng, Carbon fiber The original silk spinning machine unit;

Beijing forestry university experimental cellulose fibre wet spinning test machine design manufacturing;

Beijing forestry university, cellulose fiber pilot wet spinning machine design and manufacturing

- All kind of spinneret (including composite spinneret and profiled spinneret) manufacturing.


Standard Equipments:


CF-1000 Spinning Tester and CF-3000


Test equipment for laboratory and university college etc

Melt spinning machine trial production line.

pilot melt spinning plant to produce Polyester, PP., PA6 PTT, PBT, PPS and Spandex filaments or monofilament.

Main equipments from Chip Dryer, Extruder, Filter, Spin-pump, Spin-pack, Quenching, Godet (3 heating rollers) to winder and Control cabinet.

Optional assembly:

Draw unit, Friction unit, Twister unit and Air-jet Intermingle unit.

CF-1000-20, Extruder diameter 20 mm, capacity 120 kg / day.

Filaments from 1f to 24f, 20-80 denier. (2 bobbins).

CF-3000-65, Extruder diameter 65 mm, capacity 1200 kg / day. Filaments from 24f to 72f, 75-150 denier. (6 bobbins). CF-3000-65 can be add a Master batch injector for test Dope-Dyed Yarn.

Or design to double Extruders for test Bi-Co Yarn (Conjugate Yarn for example Polyester with PA6, cross section orange )


We can provide the complete equipment of polyester staple fiber pilot production line, whether it is chip screw extruder spinning or melt pipe direct spinning.

PET or PP Fiber compact pilot line in one single step.

1 ton/day, 2 ton/day up to 10 ton/day.


We can also provide the complete set of test equipment and pilot production line for the use of new solvent to produce cellulose fiber like rayon viscose fiber in a green environment as: Acetate yarn; carbamate-rayon fibre; NMMO Lyocell; phosphoric acid cellulose fiber etc. Wet spinning or dry jet wet spinning.

The Simple Design Pilot machine of wet spinning and dry-jet wet spinning tester

This simple wet spinning and dry-jet wet spinning tester is specially designed for laboratories of chemical fiber spinning factories, research institutes and colleges and universities. It is suitable for spinning test of regenerated cellulose fibers and other solvent spinning materials. Such as: viscose, acetic acid fiber, Lyocell spinning test. The device has simple structure and wide operation range. The spinneret can move up and down to realize the conversion of wet spinning and dry-jet wet spinning. There are extraction tank, two draft and washing cleaning tank and winding machine behind.

Equipment configuration:

Raw liquid tank: 1L - 6L is optional.


Metering pump:

Spinneret: diameter 20 mm, number of holes: 21, 15, 1. Diameter of hole: 0.08-0.3 mm

The moving range of the spinneret head up and down is 300 mm.

Minimum raw material: 1 kg; spinning speed: 2M/min-40M/min.

Extraction tank:

1 drafting roller

First Drawing Cleaning Tank: Temperature Adjustable Control

2 drafting roller

Second cleaning tank: temperature adjustable control

3 drafting roller

Drying oven box


Electric control cabinet.


Tension heat setting roller machine used for staple fiber pilot production line 用于短纤维小试中试生产线的高频加热紧张热定型机

XinLun Aspirator Suction Gun 二十年精心打造新纶系列高品质化纤吸丝枪

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